October 7, 2010

Friends, Football, and Fun :)

This past weekend was spent in one of my favorite places on the planet:

It was homecoming weekend, and Clemson was overflowing with old friends (literally-there were lines outside every bar!). The best part was that three of my four besties (we missed you, Sal!) all reunited together to catch up for a semi-girls weekend. Even though we lost to Miami (umm, aren't they supposed to schedule easy games for Homecoming? Geez louise, Clemson), we managed to have a fantastic time catching up, hitching rides on golf carts*, and yelling Clemson chants at the top of our lungs. I, of course, came home with a voice so hoarse it sounded like I was an 89 year old woman who had been smoking since I was 10. That's ok though, it was well worth the inability to speak afterwards :)

Here are a few pictures from the great weekend! Man, I miss that place!

My favorite ladies to come out of Clemson

Best part of the day - on the GOLF CART!

Love this guy, and clearly he loves me too! Ha!

It was a long, long day.. :)

The BEST shirt I've ever seen...

...so of course we had to meet him!


*This was maybe my favorite part of the weekend. Some random guy was cruising around on his golf cart when one of my friends said "Hey mister, heading downtown?", and we proceeded to hop aboard, thinking knowing we were the coolest people in town.


  1. So fun - I'm sad I missed you at the tailgate!

  2. great pics, great weekend! I heart football weekends!