October 12, 2010

Shoe Dilemma! Please assist :)

Hello everyone!

Today I came across a slight dilemma, whilst spending my lunch break at Target (the most dangerous idea ever). I went there only for laundry detergent, and of course found myself wandering the shoe aisle. I've been looking for some new flats for some time now, but haven't found any that just jump out at me. I ended up finding two super cute pairs, for very reasonable prices at good ol' Tar-jay. Now the dilemma strikes: do I keep both? Do I choose one? How can I choose when I like them both? Here are the new kicks:

You can't really see the top, but it has cute little gems on a ribbon!

Aren't they both so cute? I did the comfort test of walking around the shoe area a bit, and they both seem pretty comfortable (though I'm sure once I wear them for more than five minutes they may require a bit of breaking in). They are both really cheap for flats, one pair is $20 and one is $25 - a steal I tell ya!

So now the question is, if you were to choose just one pair, which would you pick? Granted, it isn't apples to apples, since they are completely different flats, but I think they would both go with just about everything..

Or should I keep them both, and just determine that both Target pairs = one pair of Nine West flats in terms of cost?? ;)



  1. I'd probably keep them both if they're really comfortable because YES, one pair is usually $40! BUT, if I had to choose one i'd go with black. I got my black pair first (as I wear more black). I got the brown ones later and they still get their use, but the black ones get worn A LOT!

  2. I say keep them both! Now planning a Target trip after the gym... those are so cute!

  3. I like your Nine West comparison personally :) Esp since I am a lover of flats for walking to/from the train, and keeping in my work bag for when I need to swap out from heels. For that reason, the black ones are fab (matches most things) but the silverish-brown ones are swank! I need a new pair -- my black H&M ones are dying -- so may head there soon... :)

  4. I definitely vote for both! But if you can only keep one, I say go with the black because it will likely match with more.

  5. I like the second pair - they are so unique!

  6. Thanks everyone for the advice! I am definitely keeping the black pair, considering I wore them to dinner with my friend last night :) Super comfy - I highly recommend! I'm teetering on keeping the metallic pair as well. I think I'm going to walk around my house with them on and get a feel for their comfort.. they are super cute though! Yay for Target!