September 2, 2010

Can't wait!

I'm feeling under the weather today, somehow I got a nasty cold! I made myself go to bed early last night because I felt even worse yesterday, so I think that helped. I made it until noon today at work and decided just to head home and finish the day from here. No use spreading my germs around the office! So, as I am praying for a miracle to feel 100% tomorrow (we are heading to Asheville in the morning for a wedding!), I'll leave you with this:

Can't wait for football season to start THIS WEEKEND! Oh how I miss it...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well, hope you feel better today! Aren't summer colds so weird? I always seem to get one at some point during the summer. Have a great time in Asheville this weekend! I was just up there for a bachelorette party last weekend - so fun!

    Go Tigers!!