September 28, 2010

New fall outfit... back off, haters!

With fall right around the corner( I hope!?), I've been slowly gathering new fall pieces to wear. I've been trying to mentally create outfits in my head, so I can be certain that the new goods will be used and will not end up hanging in my closet for a year. So, the latest one I put together is a fun fall look, which I am very excited to try out. I also happened to find everything either on sale or with a coupon. That makes me very happy :) Now, if it will only drop in temperature so I can start to bring on the fun attire!
Where are you, fall?

Article #1: A long, comfy sweater from Lauren Conrad's new Kohl's collection. I know, some people may laugh at this, but I happen to be a huge LC fan. I firmly believe that The Hills was a bore to watch as soon as she left the series. I also am excited to check out her new style book that comes out in October.. I think she has great style! My friend Alison and I were actually discussing LC's new clothing line over pedis this weekend, so I decided to check them out. I picked up this little number in grey, on sale for $30!
Note: It looks MUCH better on, than in this pic
I think it will be perfect for chilly days when you are running a million errands, because it is super comfortable. I also love the little flower on the side, to add a touch of girly to it!

Article #2: Ok, here's where the controversy kicks in. I bought a pair of black jeggings. BEFORE you judge, hear me out! I know a lot of people have mixed feelings, and I did too, before I wandered into Gap to try on a pair for myself. First thing I liked was that they actually look like real jeans - they have a zipper and button, and they aren't all strechy and gross looking. Second, when I tried them on (and went up a size because they are tighter than regular jeans) they flattered me! I happen to have a bootay, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well these fit. I also had a mega coupon that day, so I tried them out. If you are on the fence about jeggings, give the Gap ones a shot, because they are a nice in-between and actually look like jeans. Plus, I was tired of cramming jeans into boots, and these fit just dandy :)
I dislike those shoes, mine will be paired with flats or boots only!

Article #3: I don't think these are very controversial, because grey boots are totally in this season. I picked these up (with another coupon, of course) at DSW for probably about $50. They are Madden Girl, which I've never bought before. I assume they are Steve Madden's not-so-pricey shoe line. Who knows. I think they are perfect to tuck jeans and jeggings into and head out the door. Plus, although I normally opt for a higher heel, I thought the lower heel was ideal for running errands and not needing a foot massage afterwards.

Article #4: This isn't really part of the outfit, but I thought I would mention them since I bought them whilst shopping at Kohl's. They are Simply Vera sunglasses, and were a cool $20. Geez, a steal I tell you! [Can't find them online, so no pictures for you!]

So, there you have it folks. I haven't gotten the chance to piece everything together and wear it as a whole, considering it has been 95 degrees the past few weeks. It is staying at a cool 70 degrees today, so there's hope for fall yet! Dont worry, I'll be sure to post a photo of the outfit all together. I think a comfy grey sweater, black skinnies, and grey boots is a pretty fall-ish outfit, wouldn't you say?


  1. 1. I love that sweater and I am a huge LC fan too! Counting down until her book comes out.

    2. I bought those same jeggings from GAP without even realizing it! I ordered them online thinking I was ordering thick leggings and they turned out to be jeggings. Whatever, I love them.

    Cute fall outfit!

  2. i think someone mentioned these jeggings in my hater post on jeggings! i won't hate on them anymore if i can find a pair that will work - i'm with you, i'd like to not fight with shoving my jeans in my boots only to have poofy knee as soon as i bend my legs.

    i'll check these out!

  3. BB- we can be jeggings twins! Have you read LC's novels? There are two, with a third coming soon. They are very fun reads!

    A- ha! I think that was me that wrote that comment on your blog.. I am trying to spread the word! Let me know if you end up trying them on and what you think :)

  4. Hi love. Just stopping by your lovely blog. I bought the LC holey skinny jeans and they are the best-fitting pair of jeans I've had in awhile. Also, she makes them fairly big so I wear a size smaller than usual. That is a reason to love LC, I believe. Miss you!

  5. I like the dress and the boots it's cool. Nice post!!!