August 31, 2010

Quarter Century Fun (not crisis!)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I turned the big 2-5 last week! It was a great three day celebration (yes, three days! I'm so lucky!) that started out with some drinks and games with my parents at Ormsby's. Every year, they let us choose a restaurant to go to for our birthdays, and this year I thought something more low key and laid back would be the best bet. So, I went for the easy choice - Ormsby's! I've posted about it before, so I'll spare any redundancy.

On Friday, the bf surprised me to dinner at Kyma (pronounced Kee-Mah - who knew?). Kyma is a fantastic greek restaurant on Piedmont, that is part of the Buckhead Life Restaurants and is very delicious. We did the sampler special, where you get to choose a bunch of small plates to share between two people. We ordered absolutely delicious items, such as grilled octopus, short ribs, tuna tartare, tomato salad and a bunch of spreads and dips. Everything had a greek flair that was so amazing and filling. Of course, I failed to take any pictures, but I do have a picture of the shoes I wore for my shoe obsessed readers! I love them...
I also took a picture of my dessert, that the waiter and my bf forced on me despite the fact that I was busting out of my dress from too much awesome food!! The dessert was light and tasty though, the perfect bday dessert.

On Saturday, there was a German Bierfest going on in downtown Atlanta. Since I love beerfests, and this just happened to be the day after my birthday, we figured what better way to celebrate than gathering friends here? So most of my friends who were in town met us all down at Woodruff park and drank and partied all day in fantastic weather. {Well, except for the 5 minute monsoon which caused everyone to run for cover. Seriously, after 5 min the sun was shining again... }Here's a few pics of the great day!

We made pretzel necklaces to snack on all day!

One of my besties drove down from Greenville just for me!

Snack time! Pretzels and brats - perfect beerfest food

Felt like taking a picture of this beerfest chick and her crazy shoes

My wonderful bf planned the whole thing!

So many people!

We tried to frown since our pretzels were almost gone, but we were laughing instead!
Overall it was a great birthday! After beerfest, a few brave souls decided to continue the night at RiRa in midtown. I love that place!

ps I also was very excited to get a GPS for my birthday (yes, I now have entered the 21st century). As my friend Sallie put it, "I don't know how you've survived living in Atlanta without one!" Me either Sallie, me either.


  1. Cute shoes! Sounds like you had a very happy birthday!

  2. Fun - you're doing Atlanta right!! Love it! I hadn't heard of that place but love buckhead life places AND Greek food so I must go!

  3. Love your blog. This post made me want both beer and a brat! : ) Love Atlanta.. Follow me at A Big Little Life

  4. BB- thanks!! Hope you had a happy bday too!

    fittinbackin- you have to try this place, it was so delicious!

    CG- it was my bf's idea, so I can't take credit. It came in handy when we got hungry throughout the day though :)

    ABLL -nothing better than beers and brats, right? Thanks for following! I'm going to check yours out too!