August 12, 2010

A nice little Saturday..

This Saturday, a group of us were heading to a Braves game, so we decided to start the festivities a few hours early. We started the day out with lunch and beers at The Bucket Shop on Lenox, because they have $4 tall Coors lights and pretty tasty food. It also happens to be some of the guys' favorite place to go. I got a buffalo chicken wrap, but substituted the buffalo sauce for the Jack Daniel's wing sauce - great idea for anyone who is looking for something new! Delicious! After Bucket Shop, we had planned to go to ABC or Sweetwater, but both of those options fell through pretty quick. Apparently ABC was having some huge event that day, so we knew it would be too crowded. When we pulled up to our second choice, Sweetwater, the line was so ridiculous we immediately turned around. Love me some breweries, but don't love standing in line in 95 degree weather. Agree?
Does this make anyone else thirsty?
So, we headed over to Howell Mill to Ormsby's. If you haven't been to Ormsby's before, you need to go! It's a new joint that opened, and it is a sort of gastropub/game place. The upstairs looks like a normal bar with a bunch of tables all around and a decent sized bar. Downstairs, however, is where the fun happens! There are pool tables, darts, bocce ball courts, a photo booth (yep, I forced the bf in there once before against his will), and shuffleboard. Keep in mind, it is tough to get in on some games on busy nights, but on a Saturday afternoon when most people are not boozing, we had our pick!

Love bocce ball
Of course we went to the Ice Ball game and bocce ball first. For Ice Ball, I'll just go ahead and toot my own horn here, because I was the first of the group to get the ball in the 10,000 hole - go me! Not gonna lie, I was half hoping that a bunch of tickets would fly out which I could take to the counter of goodies and redeem for cheap toys and trinkets, but I suppose this is an "adult" arcade... no prizes. Sad.

Ice Ball is quite competitive
After we played a very intense game of bocce ball (and by that I mean the girls watched the guys play while we gossiped), we decided to head to Turner and begin tailgating! We set up our tailgate, complete with beer, snacks (including my ham sandwiches), music and cornhole, and hung out for a few hours before the game started.

Another intense game - cornhole!
After a lot of tailgating in the heat, we headed into the stadium. We ended up with really decent seats, and all 9 of us got to sit together (thanks Dan for organizing!). With beers and boiled peanuts in lap, we had a really great time doing the tomohawk chop and watching the Braves beat the Giants 3-0. Go Braves! It was a great day overall, but towards the end of the night the sun and drinking started to get to me, and I couldn't wait to crawl into bed.... Love hopping around the city on the weekends!

Group pic of the tailgaters

View from our seats
This tattoo is not ok... I think it's a character from the movie Cars?

High fives all around
Starting to get super pumped about football tailgating now!


  1. How fun! I love baseball games in the summertime! But arcade games without any tickets? I have never heard of such a thing!

  2. I LOVE Ormsby's! Obvi, soulmate.

  3. That tattoo made me laugh out loud. What are people thinking??