November 8, 2010

My specialty

I'm not a great baker or chef, but I certainly like to experiment and try new things. I think along the way I have discovered some of my specialties, or my "go-to" treats. Rice Krispie treats definitely fall into the easy and delicious category. Seriously, there is nothing easier to make then these, and surprisingly they are always a huge hit!

I made some recently to take to the office, and they were gone within an hour. I even added candy corn pumpkins to geniusly turn them into Halloween treats. Clever, eh? Ok, maybe not brilliant.

In case you don't know the rice krispie recipe, here it is:
6 cups krispies
3 tablespoons butter
1 package mini marshmallows
Candy corn pumpkins

Mix the butter and marshmallows until melted, then pour in the rice krispies and stir. Pour in 9x13 pan and let cool.

Voila! Delish and easy!


  1. believe it or not, i had no clue how to make rice krispy treats until you just told me. tonight when i go to the grocery store, i'm picking up a box...supposedly they're not all that terrible for you either, right?

  2. cutie cute! Love - haven't had a krispy treat in FOREVER!

  3. Don't they bring back childhood memories? And surprisingly, they always seem to be a hit with people. A- I wouldn't say they are "good" for you, but I don't think they are awful... just the butter, I suppose? I could eat the whole tray though, so that's not good.