October 31, 2010

Let's do a little catch up, shall we?

Things have been pretty hectic around here, lately. I feel like I haven't had time to blog at all! So, let's do a little catching up on things that have been going on in the life of E lately...

Some friends' wedding in LaGrange, GA. The bride and groom left the reception in a helicopter!
The whole group with the bride and groom!
Gorgeous wedding location
We clean up well, sometimes

Then, my bro came in town, and we all headed to Decatur for the Decatur Beer Festival. This was my first DBF, and I had heard such great things about it, so I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. Everything about it was great - the beers were phenomenal. They had my favorite beer, Allagash white :)

Of course, pretzel necklaces were made
The bf made a genius shirt, which everyone loved
The weather was glorioius, and the beer was flowing
"Spirit fingers don't show up on camera" - me trying to prove him wrong
Guessing our alcohol levels to win tshirts
And then we brought a new duck friend into the family group, Carlos

 Then I went to my first Falcons game ever! It was probably the best game to go to, it was such an exciting one! We played the Bengals, and the Falcons won - yeah!

Go Falcons!
So those are a few things that have been going on with me lately. Next I'll do a Halloween post! I absolutely love Halloween, and this year was no exception! This week I'm heading to NYC for work! Pretty excited to pop into Times Square, even though it is only for one night...


  1. looks like u had lots of fun - enjoy NY - it's COLD now .. last week u would of needed summer clothes - now u need a sweater

    PS - PLEASE come one come all and
    *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*

    *kiss kiss*

  2. Love the turquoise dress in the top pictures!

  3. Look at you, busy lady! Love the pretzel necklace/DBF pics - very fun! and the wedding pictures are great - a helicopter? Love it!