October 14, 2010

Exciting things coming up...

I am very excited for this weekend to begin!! My brother is flying in from NYC tonight, and we have a full weekend of Atlanta activities planned:
THIS guy is coming to town.

Friday: Dinner with our parents at Miller Union. I have heard so many great things about this restaurant from different blogs and other websites. It is supposed to have killer cocktails, so you better believe we will indulge!

Saturday: Decatur Beer Festival!!! I am most excited about this activity. The bf has been talking about DBF ever since we started dating, since it is his favorite beerfest in Atlanta. I have not been to this one, though I've visited my fair share of other fests in the city. We were lucky enough to get our tickets on time, before they sold out (within 2 hours!). Lots of old friends and new friends are attending, so it should be a glorious day. Oh, and the weather is calling for 75 and sunny... hello, perfection.

Do you think real elephants will be there? :)

Sunday: Brunch with the family and bf at Mosaic in Buckhead. I've actually never heard of this place; it was all my mom's idea. However, when I checked out the menu online, it looks pretty delish! Plus, it has the "largest pet-friendly outdoor patio in Buckhead", which means we get to bring Cooper!

You get to come, too!
I will be giving a full report next week about the greatness of the weekend. Until then, I may be a little bit MIA... Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Mosaic is deelish!!! Their sliders are amazing, it's what they are know for! You have to get them!

  2. Is that dude at Karma at the Jersey shore? Seriously though, moves like whoa.

  3. I love that you get to take little Cooper with you :) He is sooo cute! Have fun visiting with your bubbbby! :) Sounds like fun!