October 19, 2010

The Town... finally.

This weekend was absolutely fantastic! It will probably take me some time to get some pictures loaded and write a good blog post about it, so that's going to have to wait.

In the meantime, I saw The Town with the bf last night... you know, the Ben Affleck one? He wrote, directed and starred in it? Well, it was really good! I had been dying to see it, so we finally made it last night.

A few of my thoughts:

1. Ben is super hot in this movie. He also happens to be in impeccable shape... I'm just sayin'.
2. Serena Van Der Woodsen (aka Blake Lively, aka Jeremy Renner's sister in the movie) is far from the character she plays in Gossip Girl. No Chanel for this chick; only a cocaine and oxy addiction, a daughter she can't take care of, and some poorly done eye makeup.
3. I will most likely not be visiting Charlestown anytime soon, for fear that I will get robbed in just walking down the street. Although, if Ben was robbing me, that might be a different story.
4. Despite the fact that Doug (Ben Affleck) was a bank robber and criminal, I still wanted him to get the girl at the end... I just love happy endings. I'm pretty sure they'll end up together sooner or later though..
5. Don Draper (I don't watch Mad Men, but I know who he is) was an excellent FBI agent in the movie. It's nice to seem him take on a different role, since I haven't seen him in anything except for Mad Men.

So there's my quick review! Go see this movie, it's a good one.... bonus: bfs/husbands will like it too!

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