July 23, 2010

All the beers you can handle... Oh, and some baseball too

A couple of weeks ago, we went to an all you can eat and drink Braves game. A friend of mine set it all up, and got a huge group of people to join in the fun. The cost included the tickets, pretty decent seats, and all the hot dogs, BBQ, cookies, chips, and cheap draft beer you can handle (Keystone Light I believe - gross). Of course, going into this, we HAD to get our money’s worth… so, needless to say, we visited the beer man quite often.

Beer and baseball are a DO, unless you are this guy.
This was a particularly perfect day for sports, because USA happened to be playing in the World Cup that day as well. We were able to go into Turner Stadium two hours before the Braves played, to enjoy the amenities, so we parked ourselves in front of the lobby TVs, vuvuzelas in tow, and watched the USA game.

These loud things almost got us booted from the stadium!

Let’s not even discuss the sadness of losing that game, because we ended up having a great day! We wore some USA and Braves gear to support the teams. Right after the World Cup game, we went outside to our seats to watch the Braves game. At least they won!

The rest of the day seemed to fly by pretty quickly, as we spent a lot of time in the beer line and the food line, but it was a pretty great day. I would definitely recommend trying the All you Can Drink seats at the games, especially if you plan on drinking a lot of cold brews on a hot summer day. Those beers are normally $8 a pop!
Uncle Sam cheering for USA! USA!


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