July 27, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good..

This past weekend I got to see my besties from Clemson. We met freshman year in the dorms, and were inseparable the rest of college! Sadly after graduation, we each ended up in different cities: me in Atlanta, AL in Greenville, and KL in Charlotte. Not too far away, but it is still tough to work out our busy schedules to see eachother. Since it had been just about a century since the Triple Threat was in action (yes,we made that name up in college - don't judge), we decided to squeeze in a quick visit to Greenville, even though we could only do one night.

I have giant heels on, and I'm still so dang short!
If you haven't ever made a trip to Greenville, you should definitely fit it into your schedule sometime. Their downtown is absolutely adorable, and there are so many boutiques, restaurants and a beautiful park to walk around in. It's definitely an up and coming city, and only a little over two hours from Atlanta! On Friday, we started the night off at a tapas restaurant called Stellar Restaurant and Wine Bar. We wanted to go to a tapas place so we could share a few items and still be able to button our pants afterwards. Between the calamari, beef scallopine, vegetable baklava and spinach salad, we were quite content! Oh, and of course it isn't a meal without some wine, so we tried a merlot, called Cypress. I have since tried to find it after I got back to Atlanta with no such luck. Sigh.

Downtown Greenville is beautiful!

After dinner we walked to a bar downstairs called Rey's. To my great surprise, one of our favorite bouncers from Tiger Town Tavern at Clemson was working there (Clemson ppl, you probably recognize him)! Needless to say, we were pretty excited to see Brody, as he always gave us the special treatment by letting us to the front of the line during busy game weekends. Luckily, he is still working the game weekends in Clemson, so looks like we've still got our connections :)

Unsure who the guy in the pimp suit is, but we let him in the picture simply bc of his outfit...

The rest of the night was filled with bar hopping, running into a few old friends, and the best cab ride ever. Greenville has GOLF CART cabs... Wait, I take that back.. Golf cart LIMO cabs. It was pretty much the greatest way to travel around downtown, and only $2 a head. I'm thinking Atlanta should invest in some of these, even though I'm not sure they would survive one night on Peachtree St...
Golf Cart Limo Cab thingie = genius.

The next morning, we woke up feeling... well, let's just say less than ideal. So we headed out to grab some greasy food downtown, followed by a little Blueberry Frog fro-yo, and some much needed pedis. I was so sad to leave my buds so soon, but still glad we got to hang out even for just one night. It always feels great to pick up right where we left off when we graduated. Love you guys!!


  1. aww...good times. love girls trips!!

  2. OMG! Charleston needs those golf cart limos - and only $2 a head?? The bicycle rickshaws here are four times that amount and way slower... lol!

  3. I love girl trips too! And I've been on those Charleston bike things, and the poor girl was sweating bullets! Pretty fun to do though :)

  4. HA! So fun! Can you imagine riding on Peachtree St. in one of those Golf Carts??? ATL drivers would take one look at those things and immediately mow them down!

  5. Glad you had fun in Greenville! Can't believe y'all saw Brody... too funny!