July 24, 2010

Bootcamp is No Joke, People.

In order to get out of my insane workout rut, my roommate and I decided to do a four week bootcamp together. We found the deal on Groupon (aka the website that dictates my social life these days) which was about $40 for four weeks – a steal I tell you! The only crappy part is, it is Monday thru Friday, at 6 am. That’s right, before the sun even comes out, SHG and I are dragging our butts over to Chastain Park to get them kicked by two ex college football players. Are we crazy?

As scary as it sounds, it is actually fantastic! We just finished survived the second week, and are definitely feeling good. Well, aside from the sore muscles here and there, and the fact that we feel like old ladies going to bed at 9:30 every night… The workouts vary daily, so we do just about everything. Sprints uphill, total ab days, arm workouts with dumbbells, jogs around the baseball fields and many more grueling tasks. I must say, now I see how celebs can stay in such great shape. This is basically their ONLY job – get a personal trainer and have them literally kick your ass daily. If my company paid me to be in shape, I would do bootcamp year round. Hands down.

I could totally take him right now. I'm just sayin'...
Anyways, wish us luck as we finish the second half of getting in butt-kicking shape. I'll be sure to report back at the end!



  1. Thanks for the comment on junk! I've added you to my blogroll and I've become a follower! Great blog and good luck with Bootcamp!

  2. Good luck!!!! Im a new follower!! Cute blog!!!