July 29, 2010

New Product Alert!

Hello everyone! I found a new product that I wanted to share, because I absolutely LOVE it! I was looking recently for some sort of hair/scalp treatment when a friend of mine told me about this new Yes to Carrots line. She uses the moisturizer, so when I went to the website to check it out I came across this treat:
Hair and scalp moisturizing mud mask!
The selling points to me right away were:

1. Sold at Target (where probably half of my salary is spent)
2. All natural products, and no sulfates (hello, there are carrots in it!)
3. Reasonably priced at $12.99

Since I love trying new products, I gave it a shot. Let's just say I'm now obsessed! It made my hair SO soft and moisturized for a couple of days after! All you do is leave it in for 15 minutes and rinse, and poof! Shiny hair. The line also has a bunch of other products, and has been featured in a bunch of magazines. I think I may need to try another product soon, since this one was a big success. Enjoy!
"Conditioner is better.. I leave the hair silky and smooth"

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  1. so going to look into this! thanks for sharing!