August 9, 2010

All I wanna Do oo oo oooo ooooo...

For those of you living under a rock, Sugarland came to the Alpharetta Verizon Amphitheatre on Thursday, and guess who was smart enough to buy tickets way back in January? This girl! I'm not a die-hard Sugarland fan or anything, but I happened to come across them on Ticketmaster for only $35, and figured why not? So I grabbed two. Apparently it sold out, so I was a lucky duck!

To prep for the concert extravaganza, the bf made homemade boiled peanuts to bring. Talk about perfect tailgating snacks! After work Thursday, we grabbed some Coronas (the gas station near our assigned parking lot has very limited beers, btw), a footlong subway, and headed to our spot. The weather was making me nervous all day long, because it was teetering between sweltering 105 degrees or severe thunderstorms on the radar; neither of which would be ideal. However, when we got to the lot, it had actually cooled down (which made us think that the storm was a comin'). While we set up our rather ghetto tailgate outside of my Honda Civic (bf took Marta to work that day so we would only have one car and I picked him up) of fold out chairs and small cooler, a giant SUV of professional tailgaters pulled up next to us. They busted out a folding table, pasta salad, cookies, wine, Mike's Hard lemonade (I wasn't jealous of this, I just thought it was worth mentioning) and tons of other snacks. They totally put our tailgate to shame, though I think the bf and I were still content with ours. We also had a little entertainment, when we witnessed a group of 16 year old girls take Breathalyzers, and a couple of young dudes get taken away in handcuffs. Talk about a buzzkill for them! Poor guys.
Best tailgate ever
Concert time was coming, so we made our way into the amphitheatre, with the blanket and a Corona to go. Hey, it's a 5 minute walk, we needed refreshments ;) We ended up getting pretty decent seats on the lawn, and rented out some chairs to sit on so we would be a bit more comfortable. Danny Gokey was the opener, I think he was an American Idol finalist. We came in right as he was finishing up, which I wasn't too upset about. Next came Little Big Town. I had heard of them before, but couldn't put my finger on any of their songs beforehand. Turns out, I knew two or three of them! All of the songs they played were great, so I think I'll be buying their new album on Itunes when it comes out in a couple of weeks.
Full house!
At this point of the night, I had a giant Blue Moon beer (my fav - bf is so good to me!!) and the wind was seriously picking up. It was that scary wind that comes right before it is about to downpour and storm, you know? I kept saying that it was NOT going to rain, and the clouds were going to brush right passed us, despite the fact that they were black....Spoiler alert: I was RIGHT! NO rain!
It was a bit windy, but I had my Blue Moon :)

Now for the main event, SUGARLAND! They opened with a nice Michael Jackson song playing, which I'm still not sure I totally understand, but enjoyed nonetheless. Let me just tell you, they are amazing live! Jennifer Nettles can sing like there is no tomorrow. I knew she had a fantastic voice, but it is even better live! I also love that her and Christian are both from Ga, so I think they treated us extra special since it was their hometown. Nettles said some of her Agnes Scott friends were in the audience (I didn't know she went there!) and her family as well. Anyways, they put on a fantastic show. They played every single hit that I know, plus some new ones that I liked. {Side note: I hate when you go to concerts and they totally disregard all of their old hits and only play new stuff that no one knows. I'm talking to you, Black Crowes.} All in all, it was a fantastic show, and at the end they did a song with Little Big Town which was great too. I think I can now consider myself a die-hard Sugarland fan.
Oh, but what's up with Nettles' hairdo that she was rocking? She basically came in with some curly/moppy/mullet/mohawk-ish type of thing, and I wasn't feeling it. I overlooked it though, because she is such a badass. See here:

Sorry, Jen.. That hairdo is a hairdon't! (sorry, couldn't resist)
Updating my Itunes with some new songs today!


  1. I really wished I would have gone... That venue is fabulous! Hope they played their new tune, "Stuck Like Glue"

  2. 2 things, sister:
    1) Tread lightly when talking about the Black Crowes, they are face-meltingly awesome regardless of song list.
    2) How cool is it that Kristian Bush is the heir to the Bush's Baked Bean fortune? Two separate people have told me that at bars, and I 100% believe it.

  3. I'm def one of those people who procrastinated & waited until the concert was sold out to attempt getting tickets :( So glad you shared your concert outing so I could feel like I actually got to go...maybe next tour! Glad you enjoyed (& enjoyed some BM as well!)

  4. Ashton - yes they did play that song! It's so fun!
    J4 - my dear bro, I love the black crowes, but I was severely disappointed with the concert I went to. Maybe I'm just not as big a fan as you to truly appreciate.. Are you serious about the Bush beans rumor? That's awesome!
    Jenny - next time I come across another concert that may sell out, I will alert you! Then we can go together and drink blue moons!