August 30, 2010

Emmy Fun

Did you guys catch the Emmys last night? Jimmy Fallon was the host and I think he did a great job. The opening act (Born to Run song and dance), in my opinion, was perfect! I love how it included a whole crew of actors; Betty White, Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Glee cast, Joel McHale, Jane Lynch and even Kate Gosselin. I must say, Kate annoys the crap out of me, but it was nice that she had a sense of humor and was able to make fun of her awful dancing skills in this skit!

I think my favorite part of this opening skit was when Betty White was teaching Jon Hamm how to dance and she was yelling "Back that mother up!" Priceless. Isn't it funny that Betty White is everyone's go-to person to put in their skits? She's everywhere - movies, new shows, SNL, every awards show imaginable... Everyone loves Betty!

"Back that mother up"

On stage song and dance

I also am THRILLED that Eric Stonestreet won for Modern Family. He is the most flamboyantly hilarious character on that show, and he totally deserved it. He was also so humble when he won, I just loved it!

After the first hour or so of the show, I started to stray and flip channels, only because I have no knowledge of Mini-Series or TV Movies. Sorry, I don't have HBO so I'm not familiar with a lot of these! So, we'll just talk about the fashion part of the show instead. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the dresses for this show. None of them stuck out in my mind as absolutely terrible, but I'm sure Joan Rivers will disagree with me...

Here are a few of my favorites:

I think Lea Michele is adorable!

Julie Bowen's look was simple and elegant

For some reason, I am totally rooting for this couple!

Most people would be washed out by this color, but Claire Danes looks great

This isn't my favorite outfit, but I love Kyra and I'm so glad she finally won!

What were some of your favorite dresses?


  1. I didn't watch. :( Fun to hear your thoughts though and had seen the youtube clip this a.m. - CUTE! I'm loving some Betty White too. And OMG didn't even recognize Clair Danes!

  2. you've received an award!