August 17, 2010

Village Pizza

On Saturday, the bf and I were trying to think of some possible lunch options. We didn't really have anything to do that day, and the weather was pretty icky, so we thought we would explore something new. So, what did we do? Searched through all the Scoutmobs we have, of course! If you don't know about Scoutmob, it is one of the best ways to try out new places. Every day there is a new deal (most of them are 50% off) at a different restaurant, store, spa, car cleaning service, etc... The only catch is that you have to text the deal to your phone that very day, or it is gone. Lucky for iPhone carriers, they can set up an app to automatically get all of the scoutmobs, without having to text it. Unlucky for losers like me, with Zack Morris phones, you have to manually send the text.

After searching through the Scoutmobs on the bf's phone (he is one of those fortunate iPhone carriers), we decided on Village Pizza in Cabbagetown. Though it's a bit of a drive, pizza sounded just about perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Lucky for us, we had the 50% off, because pizza and beers can get a little pricey! The place was very cool inside though, and not too big.
Village Pizza in Cabbagetown

As you can see, we had our pick of tables
Squeezed in between some other restaurants and a tattoo parlor, it's a very quaint and delicious pizza joint. After agreeing on some toppings, we grabbed some beers and found a table. The place was definitely not crowded that day (aside from the group of dudes who all just got tattoos together), so we practically had the whole place to ourselves.

This was our table number - cracked me up!

We settled on pepperoni and cheese, with half mushrooms (for him) and half olives (for me). We ate until we were stuffed, and then spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy and watching You Don't Mess with the Zohan. This might have been one of the dumbest movies I've seen in a while, but somehow I still found myself laughing at Adam Sandler and crew's ridiculousness. I also loved that he had his buddies make their regular appearances: Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and Kevin James to name a few. I probably wouldn't recommend spending more than Red Box prices for this movie (i.e. $1), but it's a nice break if you've got some downtime.

Armless pushups a la Zohan, of course.


  1. this sounds delish! i love your blog by the way. and as for zack morris....oh be still my heart. remember that episode when he pretended to be older and snuck into that club "the attic" many memories from that show. thanks for reminding me! happy wednesday girlie! xoxo

  2. Thanks! I love getting new followers, since I'm still so new. I'm going to add your blog to my list as well :) Oh, and I still love Zack even nowadays - so cute!