August 2, 2010

Tacos and Burgers

Hey foodies out there! I've got two great restaurants to tell you guys about. One of the things I love most about Atlanta is all of the fantastic places we have to eat. I am constantly reading blogs and other articles about new restaurants opening around the area. This weekend I went to two delish places that you must try out!

1. Verde Taqueria - This little taco joint opened a few months back on Dresden Drive in Brookhaven. Everytime I drive by, no matter the time, it is completely packed. Don't let this stop you from trying it out! The wait actually moves quicker than you would think, and you can always just enjoy a beer or a margarita in the meantime.

Just a tidbit, a couple of doors down is a new Yoforia!! YUM!
The bf and I met his brother and wife here this past Friday, and it was delicious. Despite the huge crowds, we actually only ended up waiting about 15 min or so. We got a perfect table out on the patio, and luckily it wasn't terribly hot out.

Every table is always full!
We started out with some Texas margaritas and guacamole (my favorite!) and then each ordered our own tacos. The food is a la carte here, but extremely cheap! I ordered the buffalo chicken taco (I got it grilled) and the pulled pork taco. Both of these were FABULOUS. The buffalo chicken was pretty hot, but I'm also quite a sissy when it comes to hot foods. The celery in it gave it a nice little crunch, which I liked too. Next time you are craving some fresh mexican tacos, hit this place up! 

2. Farm Burger - Finally! I've been dying to try this place after reading about it on Urbanspoon and the girls at The Q+DD. Everyone says these are some of the best burgers in town, so the bf and I decided to try them out on Sunday afternoon whilst nursing our hangovers from the lake day on Saturday.

I think it was a little too hot for people to sit outside this day..
The place is quite small inside, so I was worried that by the time we ordered our food, there would be nowhere to sit. Surprisingly, the service is super quick, so the table turnover works out perfectly. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant, because it is completely unpretentious. They use paper place mats, the silverware sits in a mason jar (so cute!) and most of the tables are large enough to share with some other burger loving strangers.

So many delicious choices!
I ordered the feta cheese with pecan pesto burger (No. 4 on the menu), which was out of this world. Sounds a little odd, but it is magnificent. Bf built his own and ordered a burger with pimento cheese, which was equally delicious. Well...if I were forced to choose, I would say mine was slightly more delicious, but who's keeping track? So at FB, you can build your own burger, or you can choose from one of the few already built burgers. This place is a definite go-to the next time you find yourself over near Decatur. Plus, the new thing these days is farm to table eating, and these cows are 100% grass fed and never fed antibiotics or hormones, so you can eat guilt-free (sort of..). Yum!

Has anyone been to these restaurants? Will you be running back as soon as possible like me?


  1. Thanks for the shout, E!

    Cute cute cute cute blog!

    xx, Lauren

  2. Thanks! I'm a big fan of your blog, so I'm excited that you are checking mine out! Definitely need to check out BottleBar that you just wrote about this morning...!

  3. I LOVE Farm Burger! The food is fresh and delish, and I adore Decatur. I went to Agnes Scott, so Decatur will always feel like a second home! Glad you enjoyed Farm Burger!

  4. It was VERY fresh! I'm new to exploring decatur, but so far what I have found I absolutely love! Love Brick Store and Leon's too, of course.

  5. all my gf's live in b'haven, so we hit verde pretty much every time we have dinner together. their margs are amazeballs and the buffalo chicken taco is also my fave!