August 24, 2010

This just in!

I am a HUGE fan of the new Courtney Cox show, Cougar Town. I just find it absolutely hilarious and goofy, and I think Cox is the best pick for the show. (I also happen to be obsessed with Modern Family which comes on right before, but that's a blog post for another day) I just came across some news that makes me VERY excited: Jennifer Aniston will be on the season 2 premiere of Cougar Town this September!

LOVE this cast

Besties reunited!

I had a feeling she would be on eventually, because Lisa Kudrow was already on a while back. It only makes sense to have the other Friends friend on there as well, right? According to the gossip sites, she is going to be playing a therapist for Jules (Cox), which should be funny. I think these two always had great chemistry on Friends, and they are friends in real life, so I think this will be great!

Oh, I can't wait for all the fall shows to come back and fill up my DVR!!


  1. I saw this on the tvs when I was at the gym at lunch - so excited too! Do you think she'll ever have her hubby on (aka Dewey from Scream?) haha

  2. LOVE me some Cougar Town!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! :) Come by annnytime annnd I LOVE GA!