August 16, 2010

Rock Climbing and Go Karting

On Friday, we had a company outing at Andretti's Indoor Karting & Games in Roswell. I had never been there before, but have heard good things about it being a really fun place. Of course, going for a work event, I wasn't really sure what to expect. It actually turned out to be a really fun time!

The tools we had to build our karts
We did some team building exercises, where we were divided into teams and had to build and race our own go karts. After my team dominated (no seriously, we won the whole competition!) we had lunch and then were free to play in the arcade before our time to do the real go karting.

That's me steering our kart with my feet! We dominated!
In the arcade, my eyes went directly to a rock climbing wall, and was able to find one brave soul to try it out with me. I dragged my friend Chris over to do the rock wall, something I actually don't think I've ever done before aside from maybe my Camp High Harbour days back in middle school. I didn't really think anything of it while I was suiting up in my terribly uncomfortable and wedgie-giving harness, but I realized about halfway up the "easy" wall that I was totally scared!

Trying to not look terrified
Should I even put this on here? I should be embarrassed of this one.
Somehow I mustered the courage to just keep going all the way to the top, because who the heck wants to fall and give up on the easy wall? After I made it to the top I let go and the guy guided me back down to ground. After my hands stopped trembling, I decided to be bold and go for medium!

Action shot!
I thought easy was scary, oh my gosh I honestly didn't know how I would get to the top on this one. Again, somehow I found some sort of strength and ended up making it to the very top after using just about all of my upper body strength. I have to admit, it felt SO great to accomplish this! I'm probably blowing it out of proportion for people who may do rock climbing more often, but I felt pretty darn proud of myself for making it up both of these. Chris, of course, rocked easy and medium no problems, and just about made it to the top of the hard one. I couldn't believe it!

At the TOP!!!
After rock climbing, we were able to do our go karting, which was super fun as well. Aside from the fact that the racing warehouse was about 105 degrees, it was a blast. Each race is only about 8 minutes long, but it seriously felt like I was in there for 30 seconds. Such a rush!

Eye of the Tiger.
Overall, a very successful work outing, and a nice break from the office! I think I'm going to have to find some time to check out that rock climbing place over on I-85 soon, because I think I'm about to become a serious climber. I'm just sayin'...

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