August 5, 2010

Sweet Treats

Last night I tested out my "baking skills" to try a coconut macaroon recipe that Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere posted last week. For those of you who know me, you know I'm not the greatest baker, but I certainly love trying out new recipes. After seeing her deliciously perfect looking macaroons, I was certain that I could make them just as good.... I think I did pretty decent for my first time making something as snazzy as macaroons! Witness:

Coconut Mix
This stuff rocks! Just microwave and dip!
The final product.. A little bit large but still good
Note the chocolate on my hands... I'm a messy baker ...
VOILA! Half dipped, half plain.
The bf and SHG were my official taste testers, and considering they both survived the night, I think it is safe to assume my macaroons are edible. I think I'm going to make it a goal to try new recipes more often, because it is so much fun! Now I just need to start giving some of these away before they all end up in my tummy....