August 6, 2010

New Product Alert!

In my attempts to follow all of the health advice given to me by my magazines and other blogs, I try to eat every couple of hours to keep my metabolism kicking throughout the day. So, like clock work, at 10 am I am starving for my mid-morning snack. Normally I opt for cottage cheese or a Luna bar (my fav), but my wise mother recently told me about something new: Greek Yogurt. Now, I had tried a random greek yogurt from Kroger before, and practically spit it up at my desk. Needless to say, I was hungry that day without my snack :) But, she told me that Chobani Greek Yogurt is where it's at. So, since Mother knows best, I decided to give it a shot.
So many options!

Bonus points:
-More protein than regular yogurt
-Only 140 calories and NO fat!
-Made with real fruit (and it's actually tasty too!)
-If you go to their website and give your email, you get a "buy two get one free" coupon! Sold!

So far I've tried the strawberry, vanilla and peach - all delicious. I tried pomegranate and it wasn't really my favorite. Next up, honey and blueberry!

Happy healthy snacking!


  1. good to know! i'm on weight watchers so any little lowfat snippet i hear of, i jump on.

  2. CHOBANI Yogurt is fabulous. Try the honey-you'll LOVE it!

    It's so good that I eat it for dessert!

  3. Ooh I haven't tried honey yet! I'll get that next!